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About Christina

Christina was born an entrepreneur and is a huge advocate of multiple streams of income. For years she owned and operated a salon and onsite wedding business. While she loved that business and her clients, she yearned to make a bigger impact than the hair industry could offer, and began looking for an opportunity to empower, instill confidence and give insight beyond what she was able to do with her clients.

Christina became an expert in online marketing, developed her business strategy and leadership skills, and now teaches people how to facilitate their freedom and create their dream lifestyle while building bigger business. Originally from BC, Canada, she and her family currently reside in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

About Christina

Christina continues to use her influence, through public speaking, and social media to share valuable business building ideas and inspiration. She strives to empower other moms, just like her, to follow their passion and live a life that will inspire their kids and make them proud. Her financial success has provided her the opportunity to lead a philanthropic lifestyle in a big way, and make an impact in her community.

Through her brand, Life Transformed, she also runs an exclusive Mastermind – The 6 Figure Profit Plan – which helps entrepreneurs and online marketers break through 6 figures in their business, while learning to hone their skills, show up boldly with their brands, and use systems to create an income around their dream lifestyle without burning out.

She is a best selling author of “Women Let’s Rise” and has spoken in front of thousands, inspiring them to live life on their terms and overcome the obstacles and self limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

Her passion lies in helping entrepreneurs live a life beyond the balance most people seek, make more money, and create a purpose centred business they are inspired to build.